Shake it up: A Q&A with Sarah Pool, co-founder of upcycled spent grain protein shake company

Read the full interview at GreenBiz.

Canvas began with a single central problem: Over 20 percent of the U.S. population suffers from digestive health issues. It tackled the problem with an ingredient that promotes planetary health: upcycled spent grain from beer brewing.

The result is a line of fiber and protein shakes. Canvas shakes are 100 percent dairy and soy free, and they’re made from premium plant ingredients such as coconut, cashew and spices — plus tons of spent barley grain that otherwise would go to waste.

To learn more about the Canvas story, Bard MBA student Alexander Lykins spoke with company co-founder Sarah Pool. Pool is the former president and CEO of Pacific Superfood Snacks and a former global director of the Exploration Key Initiative of ZX Initiatives, the venture capital team of AB InBev.

Lykins, who himself is passionate about home brewing, is co-founder and CEO of SustainaBrew Consultancy, which provides customized solutions for the craft beverage industry to leverage value through sustainable innovation.

He and Pool talked about Canvas’s sustainability philosophy, her experience with nutrition as a student-athlete and how the company plans to scale its supply chain.

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