Beyond the stadium: Q&A with sports professionals on the impact of sustainability in the industry

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According to Forbes, the sports industry’s projected worth will grow to over $70 billion this year. Encouraged by its fans, the industry’s sustainability initiatives are keeping pace.

In the NFL, for instance, the Atlanta Falcons’ new Mercedez-Benz Stadium is the first pro football stadium in the United States to reach LEED platinum certification. The NHL’s new Greener Rinksinitiative is measuring the environmental impact of 4,800 North American indoor ice rinks on their communities. And MLB awarded its annual Green Glove Award to the San Francisco Giants. The team diverts 94 percent of its trash from landfills.

To get their take on the intersection of sport and sustainability, Bard MBA student Alexandra Criscuolo, an athlete in her own right, spoke with Allen Hershkowitz, former president of the Green Sports Alliance; Rocky Harris, CEO of USA Triathlon; and Kaitlin Sandeno Hogan, an Olympic gold medalist in swimming, about how the industry is primed to move fans and society toward a more sustainable future.

The following Q&A is an edited excerpt from the Bard MBA’s May 3 The Impact Report podcast. The Impact Report brings together students and faculty in Bard’s MBA in Sustainability program with leaders in business, sustainability and social entrepreneurship.

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