Explore your state’s energy data with EIA’s new State Energy Portal

EIA has launched its new State Energy Portal (Portal), where you can find data and analyses for U.S. states, territories, and regions and the District of Columbia. The Portal makes it quick and easy to access, visualize, map, and export data for your state.

To meet users’ various needs for state and regional energy data, the new Portal allows you to build a personalized, interactive data dashboard that retains your settings. You can also scroll through pre-populated dashboards by energy source, activity, or special topic, including energy storage or energy movement among states.

With the new Portal, you can

  • Access more than 1,700 state- and regional-level data series from more than 50 data sources, including sources outside of EIA
  • Filter much of the data by data frequency, time period, geographic location, type of unit, energy source, or sector
  • Compare your state’s energy data with other states, regions, and the United States as a whole
  • Discover your state’s energy history with data going back to the 1960s
  • Download and export data, charts, and maps for use in your own presentations and analysis
  • Embed charts, graphs, and infographics onto your website
  • Access Today in Energy articles and other resources applicable to your state

Please share any questions you have via states@eia.gov. You may also provide feedback directly on the beta site.


eia state energy portal

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