Report: Millennials and Gen Z love baked goods, but hate food waste

Read the full story in Grocery Dive.

recent report funded by the American Bakers Association and conducted by the Center for Generational Kinetics revealed that 78% of millennial and Generation Z consumers include carbohydrates in their regular diet, with 73% buying bread and 63% purchasing a sweet baked good in the previous week.

However, 53% of Gen Z consumers and 48% of millennials buy or eat fewer baked goods than they did a year ago, the report found. It’s not from a desire to avoid carbs, since 75% of these younger consumers aren’t deterred from consuming baked goods for that reason. Younger consumers are concerned with food waste; 75% don’t like wasting bread, and more than 20% won’t buy a new loaf after throwing an unused one away.

The survey also found that these younger generations are influenced by a company’s values. About 48% said they would try a product if the ingredients were responsibly sourced.

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