Traces Of Cocaine, Pesticides Detected In U.K. Shrimp

Read the full story from NPR.

Small amounts of cocaine, pesticides and other contaminants have been detected in U.K. freshwater shrimp…

For years, scientists have found trace amounts of illicit drugs, pharmaceuticals and pesticides in drinking water around the world. A newer area of study is looking at how these chemicals impact wildlife living in these ecosystems…

The researchers from King’s College London and the University of Suffolk collected samples of Gammarus pulex shrimp in 15 locations in the county of Suffolk, northeast of London. They tested the shrimp for a wide range of pharmaceuticals, pesticides and illicit drugs.

Cocaine was found in samples at every single site. The researchers’ paper, published recently in Environment International, says the concentration of cocaine did not fluctuate much between sites, “showing widespread contamination.”


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