Webinar: New Modules for Teaching Undergraduate Students about Organic Agriculture

Thursday, April 25 at 2:00 pm EDT
Register at https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_dU7qqhNEQWKSy2Vvx2MYXw

This webinar will highlight the outputs of a recent NIFA OREI education project focused on developing introductory modules for teaching undergraduate students about organic agriculture. The target audience for this webinar are agricultural educators interacting with students at high school or college levels.

Randa Jabbour will discuss the resources created as part of this project and different ways to incorporate them into both online and face-to-face teaching. The lessons within each module are independent of one another, and all components can be “plugged in” to classes as relevant – for example, one could consider using a lesson from the pest management module within an Integrated Pest Management class not specific to organic agriculture.

Most resources referenced in these modules are open-access or freely available, and the modules can be downloaded from the website of the Sustainable Agriculture Education Association (http://www.sustainableaged.org/teaching-resources-library/).

Several lessons are built around an original film series “Organic Producer Perspectives” (bit.ly/orgproducer) created as part of this project that consists of interviews with certified organic farmers and ranchers.

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