A Netflix Nature Series Says to Viewers: Don’t Like What You See? Do Something About It

Read the full story from the New York Times.

It’s a striking image, watching a walrus climb a rock cliff. During one episode of the new Netflix nature docu-series “Our Planet,” we witness something that shouldn’t be happening — and is only happening now, the producers say, because of climate change. Desperate marine animals driven away from their natural habitats are trying to adapt to shelter elsewhere, and falling to their deaths as a result.

This is not the typical scenario featured in feel-good nature documentaries, but “Our Planet” has a different aim. Its creators partnered with the World Wildlife Fund (and a team of scientists) to depict how various ecosystems around the world — from the frozen Arctic to rain forest jungles to coastal seas — are imperiled by human activity, and what can be done to protect or restore them. “We were trying to get to the heart of the issue with each of the great global habitats,” said Keith Scholey, an executive producer of the series, “and to be very clear about the elements of destruction and the solutions.”

In phone interviews with Scholey and Adam Chapman, who produced and directed two episodes of the series, and, separately, with Sophie Lanfear, who produced and directed one episode, they shared their experiences making “Our Planet.” These are edited excerpts from that conversation.

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