Glyphosate is in most beer and wine, study says

Read the full story in Food Dive.

Tests of 15 wine and beer products by the U.S. Public Interest Research Group found all but one contained glyphosate, the weed-killing ingredient in Monsanto’s widely used Roundup. In a release, U.S. PIRG said while the levels found were below Environmental Protection Agency risk tolerances for beverages, even low levels of glyphosate could be problematic.

Samples of five wines and 10 beers were tested, the group said. Beringer, Barefoot and Sutter Home were some of the wine brands tested, while the beer brands tested included Budweiser, Coors, Miller Lite, Sam Adams, Samuel Smith Organic and New Belgium. Sutter Home Merlot had the highest level of glyphosate of the wine samples, at 51.4 parts per billion, the report said. For beer, Tsingtao from China had the highest level, with 49.7 ppb. Coors Light had 31.1 ppb, and Peak Beer Organic IPA had no detectable traces of glyphosate.

U.S. PIRG acknowledged 20 wine and beer samples doesn’t equal a full scientific study of how much glyphosate is in the beverage industry, but said the testing provides consumers with “compelling evidence” the industry sources ingredients that use glyphosate-based herbicides. “Based on our findings, glyphosate is found in most beers and wine sold in the U.S. Due to glyphosate’s many health risks and its ubiquitous nature in our food, water and alcohol, the use of glyphosate in the U.S. should be banned unless and until it can be proven safe,” the group said.

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