Creating a Sustainable Packaging Solution Benefits All Areas of the Supply Chain

Read the full story in Environmental Leader.

When it comes to the packaging, storage and transportation of chemicals, there is no one-size-fits-all solution due to the complexity of the chemical market supply chain. While one set of chemicals may travel from the manufacturer to the distributor and then on to the end customer, other chemicals may move through even more hands in the supply chain.

Without a clear and complete sustainable packaging solution in place, chemicals may be repackaged multiple times as they move throughout the process. One company may prefer a specific type of packaging and the next may prefer another. On average, packaging can change four to six times depending on a company’s preferences or processes.

Creating a sustainable chemical packaging solution can improve logistics and operational efficiencies while also increasing safety and minimizing costs. Additionally, working with a partner that can help in the preparation and development stages through the execution of a strategy ensures the company creates a packaging solution that best fits their needs.

When developing a packaging strategy, companies should work with their supply chain to ensure the solution doesn’t only work in the now, but in the long run as well. Strategies should be measurable, well-rounded and aligned with corporate strategy and goals, and should not generate disruption in the company’s operations.

The four steps to think about when designing a sustainable chemical packaging strategy are preparation, analysis and development, selection of packaging and, lastly, execution.

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