Promoting regenerative agriculture through women farmers

Read the full story in the San Jose Mercury News.

Just inland from the coast of Half Moon Bay, green, rolling hills extend in every direction. There are aces of tall grass dedicated to cattle, lamb, pigs, horses and chickens where they can graze and move about freely.

In her green overalls, tan cowgirl hat and brown cowgirl boots, Doniga Markegard really looks the part of a farm girl. With her dog, Skuya, and two of her daughters, Quill and Quince, Markegard hops into her utility van and drives out across the hills to give the cattle their hay.

And this is only one of the many chores that Markegard has to tick off her list each day.

Markegard and her husband, Erik, run The Markegard Family Grass-Fed ranch — a farm dedicated to regenerative agriculture and giving back to the land. Their philosophy is to keep their herds moving so as not to overgraze. That way, healthy grass can continue to grow, simulating biodiversity above and below ground all 365 days of the year.

But for the Markegard’s, the practice of regenerative agriculture does not just involve grassland health and no pesticides. It also involves promoting women in farming.

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