Toast of the town: Four years later, Old Bakery Beer Co. making its mark

Read the full story in the Alton Telegraph.

James Rogalsky and Lauren Pattan had an Alton homecoming nearly four years ago, and in that relatively short period of time they have helped to substantially improve the community’s image and offerings.

The husband-and-wife team are the owners of the Old Bakery Beer Company in downtown Alton, a microbrewery, restaurant, bar and community event space housed in a completely rehabilitated historic building along Landmarks Boulevard. The business has become a lucrative endeavor for the early thirty-something couple, and they have capitalized on that success to help the Riverbend area…

That community-minded outlook extends beyond special events and tourism. Pattan went to school for environmental management and she and Rogalsky feel strongly about sustainability as a way to improve the Riverbend area.

The Old Bakery Beer Company is one of only two Certified Organic breweries in Illinois, and its brewing process uses environmentally-conscious, North American products. They send all of their food waste to be composted, recycle as much solid waste as possible, and all of the spent grain produced during their brewing process is sent to a Fosterburg farm to be used for cattle feed.

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