Webinar: Cafeteria Trash is Cash

Tue, Feb 12, 2019 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM CST
Register at https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/6138456166353862401

Are you seeking to reduce waste disposal costs while also diverting valuable materials from the landfill? A school cafeteria recycling program can be a successful approach to lightening the garbage load, reducing the volume of the garbage stream and saving money.

A successful cafeteria recycling program includes recycling milk and juice cartons. Once considered the new recyclable on the block, recycling of cartons from both homes and schools continues to grow across in this region. Through strong relationships, partnerships, promotions and grants, school cafeteria recycling programs can achieve success from a financial and environmental perspective.

Join us on this webinar to learn more about how you can establish a school cafeteria recycling program with tips and best practices on how to collect milk and juice cartons as well as other cafeteria recyclables.


  • Debbi Dodson, Schools Recycling Coordinator, Carton Council
  • Dale Rhodes, Operations Supervisor, Middleton-Cross Plains Area Schools
  • Susan Schuller, Development, Education & Outreach Coordinator, Recycling Connections
  • Jodi Taitt, Founder & Principal Consultant, EcoConsilium, Inc

Hosted by Carton Council and Recycling Association of Minnesota.

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