Nestlé lays out first steps to making all product packaging recyclable by 2025

Read the full story in Waste Dive.

Nestlé has announced new plans to make 100% of its packagingrecyclable or reusable by 2025 — a goal first set in 2018. “While we are committed to pursuing recycling options where feasible, we know that 100% recyclability is not enough to successfully tackle the plastics waste crisis,” said CEO Mark Schneider in a press release.

Starting next month, Nestlé will begin phasing out plastic straws from its products and replacing them with alternative materials, such as paper. The company will also move to paper packaging for a variety of products, including Nesquik, starting in the first quarter of this year.

Nestlé Waters will increase its use of recycled PET content in water bottles to 35% globally and 50% domestically by 2025. Through its own engineering team, along with outside partners such as PureCycle Technologies, Nestlé will also begin exploring new paper-based solutions, biodegradable/compostable plastic polymers that are also recyclable, marine-biodegradable and recyclable plastic bottles, and food-grade recycled polypropylene.

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