Plant-level cooling water and air emissions data are now available on a new beta version of EIA’s Electricity Data Browser

Read the full story from the Energy Information Administration.

EIA has enhanced the Electricity Data Browser (EDB) to simplify access to some of EIA’s most important, but also most complex, data series: information on plant-level cooling water use and estimates of nitrogen oxides (NOx), sulfur dioxide (SO2), and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. The cooling water and emissions data are currently on a beta version of the EDB, where users are welcome to give their feedback. The cooling water and emission data will be incorporated into the existing version of the EDB soon…

The beta version of the EDB allows the user to select a plant, see a list of all cooling systems at the plant, and see key operating water-usage data for each system. The data include water withdrawal, discharge, and consumption, and measures of water-use intensity, such as gallons consumed per megawatthour of power generated. As with the other EDB data sets, the cooling water data can be graphed (standalone or in comparison to other data, such as generation) and downloaded. The data are available for the 2014–16 data years on a monthly and annual basis.

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