Broccoli Coffee Is The Latest Healthy Thing We Didn’t Ask For, But Would Probably Try

Read the full story in Science Alert.

A new way of processing broccoli could help you get your servings of vegetables, while dealing with the wastage of “unsightly” food.

We’re talking dried, ground to fine powder, and stirred into your coffee.

If it sounds gross, well, it might be. According to the drink’s Australian creators, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation(CSIRO) and Hort Innovation, it’s received “mixed” reviews at the Melbourne cafe which served it to caffeine-loving customers.

But coffee isn’t the only potential application for the powdered brassica. The CSIRO has also added it to extruded snacks, and it could also work as an ingredient for smoothies, muffins, and soup…

A lot of produce is wasted before it even gets to the store shelves because it’s “ugly”. Some of these ugly fruits and vegetables can be used for juicing, and “superfood” powders made from vegetables such as chia and kale have been around for a while.

In the case of the new broccoli powder, it uses the whole broccoli – florets and stems. No wasted chunks thrown in the bin like in your typical cooking process.

The production process involves pre-treatment before drying and powdering the vegetable, to retain as much of the original colour, flavour and nutrients as possible.

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