How To Develop Sustainability Culture: Q&A with Cority’s Pam Bobbitt

Read the full story in Environmental Leader.

“A truly sustainable culture isn’t just reporting annually, collecting data, and stressing out to submit it,” says Pam Bobbitt, director of product marketing and channels for Cority. “Sustainable culture is taking that information and tying it to annual goals and objectives.”

Bobbitt has seen the difference firsthand. She started her career working as a field chemist in the waste industry, which expanded into broader environmental management and eventually into EHS. Several decades ago, she was an EHS manager for a new automotive manufacturing facility that had an onsite wastewater treatment facility.

“It was the first US facility of a Japanese company that was big into sustainability,” she says. “We were recycling 95% of our process water.” At the time, she thought that was cool, but has since come to see the bigger picture: that practice meant protecting the environment and cutting costs to production, which allowed the company to stay competitive on price.

Recently we caught up with Bobbitt to find out how a company can foster a true sustainability culture as well as the benefits it can have for an organization.

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