The Energy 202: Trump ‘opened the door’ for climate skeptics to attend U.N. talks, environmentalists lament

Read the full story from the Washington Post.

From the windows of the modern, asymmetrically-shaped conference center where the climate summit is being held in Katowice, Poland, are visions of giant smokestacks billowing coal emissions.

In fact, coal — the greenhouse gas producing scourge of environmentalists — can be seen in every direction in the city that sits on a huge coal deposit. It’s piled high in the distance near the smokestacks and proudly on display in an array of shapes and sizes at the city’s booth next to the official state kiosk. Even the color of the futuristic Jetsons-like conference center is charcoal.

It’s a sign that this United Nations climate summit isn’t business as usual for the delegates who’ve gathered to discuss ways to lower emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases to make the world livable for the remainder of this century and those to come.

Not only is the host city absolutely crazy over coal, where everyone knows someone who labors in the mines, but President Trump, who has been dismissive of climate science, has changed the game. Environmentalists liken him to a pied piper for a number of climate skeptics who are attending for the first time.

The Heartland Institute and Competitive Enterprise Institute sent delegates who deny the determination by an overwhelming consensus of climate scientists who say human emissions are causing the planet to warm, arctic ice to melt, oceans and temperatures to rise, and more wildfires to burn.

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