Manufacturing Energy and Carbon Footprints (2014 MECS)

Manufacturing Energy and Carbon Footprints map the flow of energy supply, demand, and losses as well as greenhouse gas combustion emissions in diverse U.S. manufacturing industries, based on U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) Manufacturing Energy Consumption Survey (MECS) data for 2014.

Footprints are available for 15 manufacturing sectors that collectively represent 94% of all manufacturing primary energy use, as well as for U.S. manufacturing as a whole in 2014.

Each footprint presents data at two levels of detail. The first page provides a high-level view of supply and end use (primary energy use), while the second page shows details of how energy is distributed to onsite end uses. The analyses are based on manufacturing energy consumption data from EIA’s Manufacturing Energy Consumption Survey (MECS) data for 2014, along with referenced energy loss and emission factors, and input from industry and subject matter experts.

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