Cities are sinking — and experts say we’re not doing enough to save them

Read the full story from the Australian Broadcasting Company.

The ever-expanding, online archive of natural disaster footage has produced some surreal and disturbing images.

Video of last month’s floods in Venice, however, seemed to reach a new level of dark absurdity.

Waiters in gumboots waded through knee-high water, serving sodden diners pizza, while elsewhere people in wetsuits swam laps through Piazza San Marco — the city and the surrounding sea, indistinguishable.

Of course the presence of water, floods and high tides in Venice is a historical reality, a fact woven into the fabric of the city itself.

That today Venice is only one of many sinking cities, the speed at which those cities are sinking and the threat to urban populations, is altogether new.

The map of the world, climate scientists tell us, will be radically redrawn by the end of the century.

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