Individual Waste Reduction Model (iWARM) Tool

The Individual Waste Reduction Model (iWARM) tool is based on the Waste Reduction Model (WARM), but is intended for the individual users rather than a business of organization. The iWARM tool is a downloadable Microsoft Exel file that can be used to find out how much energy is saved by recycling small quantities of common waste materials. The tools illustrates the impact of recycling by translating the amount of energy saved into the amount of time an appliance can be powered. The tool also displays the results in a graph and provides assumptions, calculations and conversions.

EPA used data from the iWARM model to create the Save Energy by Recycling web widget. This simplified, interactive widget allows you to choose a recyclable (aluminum can, glass bottle, plastic bottle, weekly magazine and a plastic grocery bag) and then choose an appliance (air conditioner, hair dryer, laptop computer and 60W equivalent compact fluorescent light bulb or CFL) to find out how long that appliance can be powered for by recycling the material chosen. Embed the widget on your web site to help people determine the environmental impact of recycling specific household items.

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