Managing and Transforming Waste Streams: A Tool for Communities

The Managing and Transforming Waste Streams Tool features a table of 100 measures communities can employ to reduce waste and recover materials. By using interactive functions (sorting, searching and/or filtering), local planners can explore best practices in the form of ordinances, policies, programs, contracts, outreach & technical assistance, and infrastructure development, with the objective of creating a list of strategies tailored to their community’s needs and capabilities.

The tool also includes over 300 implementation examples from communities across the U.S., including links to local ordinances and program websites, as well as model language for amending service provider contracts or franchise agreements. The measures and implementation examples capture nuances in approaches local governments can take and illustrate opportunities to phase in more stringent practices over time.

This tool can provide decision support to:
  • municipal and tribal agency staff and decision-makers working on solid waste plan updates or zero waste plans
  • regional and state agencies coordinating waste management planning for a group of local agencies
  • other parties who are familiar with their community’s solid waste management system and interested in community-based initiatives

It was developed by a team of zero waste consultants and solid waste program managers making informed observations from hands-on work in communities, with contributions from EPA.

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