The State of the Circular Economy in America

Download the document.

This report is about opportunities. Opportunities to create prosperity through positive environmental impact. Opportunities to develop businesses models that create job growth and investment. Opportunities to create an economy that allows us to REDEFINE our relationship to the planet.

This report will support the development of the Circular Economy in America by:

  1. Providing concrete examples of Circular Economy Solutions to spur education and awareness of the Circular Economy
    There can sometimes be a disconnect between the concept of the Circular Economy and what this means in practice. This report and the accompanying database provide real world examples of Circular Economy solutions and business models while illustrating the diverse and broad range of stakeholders and approaches that are currently being pursued in America. These examples can foster a deeper understanding of approaches that are needed to transition to a Circular Economy as well as create inspiration for the development of further solutions.
  2. Highlighting Trends and Opportunities in the US Circular Economy space
    This report provides the first national scan of how Circular Economy solutions are being pursued in the United States. By categorizing each of the 202 initiatives according to their business model(s) and industry focus, the report will provide investors, policymakers, educators, corporations, and entrepreneurs with a better understanding of trends within the United States Circular Economy landscape as well as identify areas of future opportunities. Furthermore, the report offers case studies of innovative organizations as well as expert commentary and interviews on relevant topics.
  3. Catalyzing Further Collaboration around Circular Economy solutions
    Transitioning to a Circular Economy will require the participation of everyone;
    entrepreneurs, policy makers, executive directors, educators, and consumers. In the absence of a national Circular Economy framework, this report hopes to facilitate more conversations and support for the development of Circular Economy solutions in America. Not only does adopting a Circular Economy provide environmental benefit, it also provides opportunities for new job growth and economic development. By utilizing the database, innovators can collaborate on solutions, mentor and support one another, and build networks to advocate for the development of a national Circular Economy in America.

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