Webinar for public libraries: HandPrint Parties

November 15, 2018, 11:15-11:45 am CST
Register here

Explore how librarians at the Portsmouth Public Library (NH) have successfully collaborated with community partners to plan and implement educational programs called “Handprint Parties” that encourage positive action around a wide range of sustainability topics.

What is a “Handprint”?

The handprint of an action or a product or a service is the sum total of positive impacts we create in the process that support the health of our planetary systems. This contrasts with a “footprint”, such as a carbon footprint, which is the sum total of negative impacts caused by a process necessary to produce a product or service. You can read more about these two concepts in the following article in which Dr. Greg Norris of the Harvard Center for Health and the Global Environment discusses the issues in more detail, https://www.greenbiz.com/article/introducing-handprinting-good-you-do-minus-your-carbon-footprint.

This webinar will be an experiential, action oriented presentation in which attendees are asked to interact with the presenters so come with a pad of paper and writing device. In exchange, all attendees will be offered free consultations on how to host a Handprint Party at their own institution on a topic of their choosing.


Bert Cohen is retired Adjunct Faculty at the University of New Hampshire where he team taught classes in Sustainable Living and Systems Thinking for Sustainable Living. He currently chairs the mayor’s Blue Ribbon Committee on Sustainability for the City of Portsmouth. Bert is a founder member of the Sustainable Alliance, an organization that is building a community of citizens who understand and use The Natural Step principles to create a sustainable future. During his sixty plus years of teaching he has been on a path of exploring how to form learning communities that support the well-being of the individual, enhance the civility within society, and respect the integrity of our environment.

Steven Butzel, Director of the Portsmouth Public Library, Portsmouth, NH. Steering Committee member of the Sustainability Alliance.

Questions? Contact Eric Tans at tans@msu.edu.

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