Now it is possible to take stock – did the world achieve the Millennium Development Goals?

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At the turn of the millennium, the world’s nations set themselves development goals with the ambition to reach these in the following 15 years. Referencing the historic moment of their inception the UN named them the Millennium Development Goals or MDGs for short. The goals encompassed development in a broad sense, from increasing economic welfare of the poorest, to health and education, to humanity’s impact on the environment.

Now for the first time we can look back and see how the world has actually done. This is only possible now – three years after the end of the MDG era in 2015 – as it often takes several years until the relevant data is available at a global level. Early assessments had to rely on extrapolations of earlier trends. As you can see in our analysis, today the most recent available data on many aspects is from 2015.

So how did the world do? Did we actually achieve the MDGs that we set ourselves?

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