New Illinois Sustainability Awards case study: Aisin Manufacturing Illinois

ISTC’s latest case study features 2017 Illinois Sustainability Award winner Aisin Manufacturing Illinois, which is based in Marion. Aisin manufactures a wide variety of products for the automotive industry, including sunroofs, grill door shutters, back door components, center pillar garnishes, roof rails, and door handles. They serve various customers, including Toyota, General Motors, Lexus, and Subaru.

AMI utilizes several tools to continously improve on their sustainability efforts. These include:

  • an ISO 14000 Management System;
  • employee opinions and improvement suggestions are incorporated into the environmental planning process;
  • environmental “Go Green” incentives for employees that extend outside of the workplace;
  • community outreach initiatives that promote a wider adoption of sustainability practices; and
  • use of outdoor space around the facility to improve habitats for plants and wildlife.

As a result of these projects, Aisin:

  • achieved $212,982 in energy savings from 2008-2013;
  • avoided emitting 1,709 tons of carbon dioxide;
  • diverted 12,040 tons of material from the landfill from 2009-2016;
  • recycled 2,214 tons of material in 2016; and
  • paid $9,268 in incentives to employees for green purchases in 2016.

For more details on Aisin Manufacturing Illinois’ sustainability projects, read the case study.

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