Day: October 16, 2018

The Energy 202: Climate change gets rare moment in sun on political talk shows

Read the full story from the Washington Post.

Environmentalists demanding action on climate change often complain that the news media does not pay enough attention to what they see as the biggest long-term crisis facing the world.

But over the weekend, there was a sign that the issue of global warming is breaking though the maelstrom of political news — at least a little bit.

At least a half-dozen members of Congress and the Trump administration, including the president himself, were questioned about climate change during major network news programs Sunday.

Webinar: Improve Your Bottom Line: Cut food processing waste, water and energy

October 25, 2018 11:00 am
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Join MnTAP for a webinar to learn how Minnesota food processors are improving efficiency by taking a closer look at their waste generation, as well as chemical, water and energy usage. MnTAP staff will share a variety of examples of improvements that have worked for businesses. You might be surprised at what small changes and tweaks to your process can do to your bottom line!

Why tune in?

  • Real examples of improvements MN businesses have made
  • Tips on where to look for efficiency gains at your facility
  • Info on multiple ways that MnTAP can work with you to improve your process

Changing climate linked to changing species

Read the full story in Great Lakes Echo.

Great Lakes residents are more concerned about invasive species than climate change, according to a recent poll.

But researchers say that the two are closely linked.

Why One Entrepreneur Left Silicon Valley To Tackle Sustainable Packaging

Read the full story in Fortune.

In 2009, Ken Jacobus quit his Silicon Valley job to set up Good Start Packaging, a supplier of compostable takeaway containers for restaurants. He had little knowledge of the industry, about $10,000 worth of inventory, and no staff. Today, he’s using his credit card rewards to make sure his 9 employees have health insurance, 401K, and unlimited leave — all from selling compostable food containers.

Porous Pavement Project Reaches Milestone in Yellowstone

Read the full story in the Engineering News Record.

A 14,000-sq-ft installation of a proprietary paving material that was combined with recycled rubber tires wrapped up last month at Yellowstone National Park, marking the largest undertaking of its kind to date in the three-year project near Old Faithful.

Drink beer, save the planet

Read the full story in Pacific Standard.

It is notoriously difficult to get people to focus on climate change, let alone take action to help mitigate the coming catastrophe. But new research suggests Americans are willing to pay a bit more for one of their favorite indulgences if it is produced in a more Earth-friendly manner.

It seems there is a substantial market for sustainably brewed beer.

From Paywall to Datawall

Read the full post at Scholarly Kitchen.

Almost every day, my email or Twitter feed brings an alert to a “free” report, article, white paper, etc. No payment or subscription required!

It sounds great. In many ways it is the promise of the Internet fulfilled, a world in which a single click brings you the document you are seeking for immediate review or even a deep read.

The reader experience, however, is quite often not exactly that. Instead of a paywall, perhaps to be negotiated through a proxy server or some other authentication mechanism, the reader is faced with a demand for their contact information. Or, even more demanding, they face a requirement to create an account. Use of that account will be tracked and the data fed into an analytics system, likely joined up with data collected elsewhere as well.

Yes, dear reader, in such cases, you have been datawalled.

EU lawmakers back 40 percent CO2 cut for cars, vans by 2030

Read the full story from Reuters.

EU lawmakers backed a target on Wednesday to cut carbon dioxide emissions from cars and vans by an ambitious 40 percent by 2030, drawing howls from the car industry and setting the stage for a battle with national governments.

Conflicting Data: How Fast Is the World Losing its Forests?

Read the full story at e360.

The latest UN report on climate says reducing deforestation is crucial to slowing global warming. But researchers must first reconcile two contradictory sets of statistics on tree loss in order to determine whether promises made by nations to protect and restore forests are on target.

In A Drying Climate, Colorado’s ‘Water Cop’ Patrols For Water Thieves

Read the full story from NPR.

Dave Huhn is a sheriff’s deputy for Montezuma County, Colo., a stretch of sagebrush mesas and sandstone cliffs bordering Utah, Arizona and New Mexico, home to Mesa Verde National Park, where ancestral Puebloans’ cliff dwellings still stand.

Huhn specializes in the complex world of water law. His job has become more important in this region after a series of hot, dry summers have made farmers more desperate for water, and more willing to steal it or go to battle over it.

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