Seventh Generation’s new detergent can wash as many loads, but weighs 75% less

Read the full story in Fast Company.

A typical 100-ounce bottle of laundry detergent is filled mostly with water. As people increasingly buy detergent online, the cleaning product company Seventh Generation saw an opportunity: How much could it shrink the standard bottle to avoid the wasted energy of shipping water thousands of miles?

A new detergent, which the company designed for Amazon and is launching today, cuts the amount of water in half, reduces plastic by 60%, and slims the overall weight by 75%, making it more efficient to ship. Regular detergent, the company says, ships with at least five pounds of unneeded material and water. The new detergent can wash as many loads as a regular bottle, but comes in 23.1 ounces instead of 100.

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