Harnessing the Fourth Industrial Revolution for Water

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What the world is now experiencing can no longer be framed as “normal”. The past can no longer be used to predict seasonal weather events and precipitation. There is a pressing need for new public policies and business strategies as well as for innovations in technology, financing and partnerships to thrive in the 21st century. These developments will be possible only with better-quality and
more accessible data, and the creation of more useful information. This is a role that technological advancements can play in supporting leaders from all sectors.

Imagine the potential of harnessing the power of remote sensing to provide vastly improved predictions of droughts and flooding, real-time monitoring of water quantity and quality within watersheds, improved water-utility asset management, off-grid and localized solutions coupled with “frictionless” water-trading platforms. Digital technologies such as connected devices (IoT), predictive analytics and artificial intelligence are emerging as powerful tools in achieving sustainable, resilient and equitable access to water.

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