Illinois State Water Survey Job Announcement: Postdoctoral Research Associate — SAVANT (Stable Atmospheric Variability and Transport)

The Climate and Atmospheric Science section pursues a program of basic and applied research, monitoring, services, and outreach to address key atmospheric issues of importance to Illinois, the Midwest, and the nation. Areas of research include climate variability and change, how hazardous weather events respond to climate variations, the impacts of weather and climate events, air quality, cloud physics, storm-scale (mesoscale) meteorology, and near-surface (boundary layer) weather.

The CAS is seeking a Postdoctoral Research Associate for the SAVANT (stable atmospheric variability and transport) project.  This position will report to Dr. Junming Wang, Atmospheric Scientist and Principal Investigator.

Primary function

Measure and analyze stable atmospheric variability and transport (SAVANT), including cold drainage and converge flow processes in shallow gullies and how the flows affect pollutant dispersion.

Major duties

Collect and analyze data from 3-D Doppler lidar (wind measurements), 3-D aerosol lidar (pollutant dispersion measurements), airborne and ground instruments (ground temperature, radiation, atmospheric thermodynamic properties, and pollutant dispersion measurements), then answer the following questions:

  1. Under what mesoscale and microscale conditions (i.e. cloud cover, threshold wind speed, surface cover, stability regime, background flow, slope ratio and length, and gully volume) do converging flows exist?
  2. What is the spatial and temporal scale of turbulence forced oscillations and/or gravity waves generated by converging flows, and do these and do these oscillations/gravity waves follow the linear theory of internal gravity waves (IGW)?
  3. How are aerosol dispersion and transport influenced by turbulence forced oscillations and/or gravity waves generated from a converging flow?



PhD in atmospheric science, engineering, computer science, or a related field.


Required: A demonstrated record of writing and/or publishing of manuscripts.

Preferred: expertise in boundary layer processes, such as cold drainage and converging flows in stable boundary layers; data analysis and instrumentation experience.


Must have a strong background in atmospheric science, as well as extensive programming skills.

Please send cover letter, CV and a list of three references to:

Dr. Junming Wang, Atmospheric Scientist
Illinois State Water Survey-Center for Atmospheric Sciences

Review of applications began October 1, 2018 and will continue until a suitable candidate is found.

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