When adaptation is no longer the answer…

Read the full story at NDCI.Global.

In a report a couple of years ago for a Hong Kong brokerage house on how climate change could affect the prospects of large companies  Asia Pacific region, my late colleague Tessa Tennant and I speculated on the curious “upsides” that might emerge from drastic climate change. These included, we suggested,  the commercial opportunities arising from the need to move coastal communities inland, requiring all sorts of new infrastructure and services.  (We also picked out airports as especially vulnerable – 50 of the world’s most trafficked are less than 30 feet above sea level – a prediction that seems to be coming true, to judge by a recent report from Reuters.)

As this piece by Dr Luciana Esteves of Bournemouth University makes clear, such relocations of coastal communities are, in fact, already quite a common reality, with many often unforeseen complexities, but also, with proper handling, especially of community concerns and interests, some potential benefits.  An additional issue for developing countries would, of course, be: who pays for it all?

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