ISTC Seminar: Enhanced Sorption as a Means to Sequester PFAS

Thu, Oct 11, 2018 noon-1 pm CDT
In person at ISTC – 1 Hazelwood Dr. in Champaign, IL or register to view the webinar at

Presented by Matt Simcik – Associate Professor, Division of Environmental Health Sciences, University of Minnesota

Abstract: My group, along with colleagues, have developed an in situ remediation method for PFAS contaminated groundwater. It involves the addition of cationic polymer coagulants and in some cases powdered activated carbon. We also have plans to develop this method for surface water, wastewater treatment, landfill leachate as well as increasing the efficiency of drinking water treatment. I will present results of our work on developing the method and plans for field implementation.

Biography: Matt Simcik’s research broadly focuses on how and why organic pollutants end up in the atmosphere and water, particularly the Great Lakes region. His research interests include gas-particle partitioning, atmosphere deposition, air-water and air-terrestrial exchange, and phototoxicity. His areas of expertise include environmental chemistry & exposures, water & air pollution, perfluoroalkly substances, source apportionment, and fate & transport processes. Matt earned his PhD in environmental science from Rutgers University, MS in civil engineering from the University of Minnesota, and BS in chemistry from Michigan State University.


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