Nutrient management would save 1.81 gigatons of carbon by 2050

Read the full story at the Energy Mix.

Nutrient management ranks #65 on Drawdown’s list of climate solutions, with potential to eliminate 1.81 gigatons of carbon dioxide and save a total of US$102.3 billion by 2050.

Nitrogen fertilizers have boosted crop productivity over the years, Drawdown states. However, they’ve also created an influx of free-range nitrogen that can cause algae blooms, create ocean dead zones, and ruin soil’s organic matter. Not only that but, “nitrous oxide, created from nitrate fertilizers by soil bacteria, is 298 times more powerful than carbon dioxide in its atmospheric warming effect.”

Nutrient management can be an effective and efficient way to limit unused nitrogen fertilizer and ensure plants absorb as much as possible. According to Drawdown, all it takes is adherence to the four Rs: “Right source, right time, right place, and right rate.”

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