Green Roofs and Urban Life Sustainability

İnan H. (2019). “Green Roofs and Urban Life Sustainability.” In: Balkaya N., Guneysu S. (eds) Recycling and Reuse Approaches for Better Sustainability. Environmental Science and Engineering. Springer, Cham. DOI:

Abstract: As the population coming to the cities increases, the surface textures of the natural landscapes around the city deteriorate and are quickly transformed into urban areas. At the local level, ecosystem and climate change also occur when materials such as concrete and asphalt with higher thermal capacities and thermal conductivity replace plant cover and water masses. As a result, the continuity of urban life becomes dangerous. Sustainable cities make the city more efficient and provide people with a high-quality living environment, without consuming too much natural resources. These local effects can be limited by city-level harmonization policies such as cool plots in cities, cool and green roofs, and expanding vegetation. In this study, the effects of the presence of green roofs instead of the traditional roof on the sustainability of life in the cities were examined.

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