6 ways in which big data is taking a bite out of the food industry

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Food is amazing. Evolutionarily speaking, we’re programmed to want those sweet, sweet calories. When done right, food is almost as good as that other thing we’re evolutionarily programmed to want.

And now, we’re doing food better than before, thanks to big data.

Big data, the science of compiling unwieldy bulk information and turning it into bite-sized chunks of manageable information, has revealed some extraordinary knowledge across every industry. It’s done everything from spotting market trends and detecting fraud to searching for lost aircraft.

And when it comes to the food and agricultural industry, that’s the just the tip of the iceberg lettuce. As we’ll discuss, big data is optimizing almost every aspect of the food and agriculture industry, which is worth $8.1 trillion worldwide.

The insights gleaned from data are bringing yummies to your tummy more efficiently than ever. With these revelations, who knows? Maybe food and agriculture will turn into an $8.1 gazillion industry.

Here are six ways in which big data is delivering insights to your table.

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