Oregon’s Consumption-Based Emissions Inventory (CBEI)

Oregon’s consumption-based inventory measures greenhouse gas emissions produced around the world due to the state’s consumption of goods and services like cars, food, fuels, appliances and clothing—many of which are produced in other states or overseas. This inventory accounts for total emissions from producing, using and disposing of a product.

The consumption-based inventory supplements DEQ’s sector-based inventory, which measures emissions that occur inside the state’s borders, as well as emissions from generating electricity that is imported for use in Oregon.

More than half of the consumption-based emissions occur in other states or nations and are not included in the sector-based inventory. Together these two inventories tell a more complete story of how Oregon contributes to climate change and, by extension, opportunities to reduce emissions.

On June 7, NEWMOA hosted a webinar about the inventory. Presentation slides are available here.



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