DOE Launches New Lab Partnering Service

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has officially launched the Lab Partnering Service (LPS), an online, single access point platform for investors, innovators, and institutions to identify, locate, and obtain information from DOE’s 17 national laboratories. This tool will provide industry with a more efficient way to harness technical expertise and intellectual property housed at DOE’s labs.

The DOE Office of Technology Transitions’ (OTT) Lab Partnering Service gives energy investors and innovators direct access to the vast array of expertise, research, and capabilities across all 17 National Labs. LPS will allow users to submit inquiries to the Technology Transfer Office at each lab. This office can answer and/or direct questions from the users and provide an invaluable navigational assistance through the DOE R&D ecosystem.

“The launch of the Lab Partnering Service represents a big step in reducing barriers that often limit energy investors from partnering with our National Labs,” said Secretary of Energy Rick Perry. “The LPS consolidates information and capabilities at the National Labs to increase public access, allowing industry and academia to fully utilize these vital scientific resources.”

The LPS has three parts:

  1. Connect with Experts: Unprecedented access to top national lab researchers will allow investors and innovators to connect with relevant subject matter experts, and receive unbiased and non-competitive technical assessments.
  2. Technical/Marketing Summaries: Direct access to pre-validated, ready to license, and commercialize technologies.
  3. Visual Patent Search: Dynamic online search and visualization database tool for patents associated with DOE laboratories.

DOE is one of the largest supporters of technology transfer in the federal government. The 17 national labs have supported the critical research and development that lead to many technologies in the marketplace today, including the batteries powering electric vehicles and the foundation of Internet servers.

Information about the Lab Partnering Service, including how to use the suite of online tools, can be found HERE. More information on OTT can be found HERE

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