Plastic pollution isn’t just a problem in our oceans. It’s also affecting the Great Lakes

Read the full story from the University of Toronto Scarborough.

When it comes to plastics polluting our water, it’s not just the world’s oceans we need to worry about says U of T assistant professor Chelsea Rochman.

“The contamination in the Great Lakes and other bodies of freshwater from plastics and microplastics is ubiquitous,” says Rochman, whose lab focuses on the fate of plastic debris and its associated chemical contaminants.

She points to published research, in addition to work in her lab and with colleagues, that finds the concentrations of plastics in areas of the Great Lakes are equal to or greater than those reported in the ocean. Their work in Lake Ontario, Lake Superior and Lake Huron has also found microplastics (particles five millimetres and smaller) in nearly all fish collected.

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