Three Ways to Make Searching Google News Less Annoying

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I love news searching. I do it a lot. Searching News sites instead of a general Web search engine is a good way to find items that are more detailed, more recent, and for the most part more credible, though there can be problematic content.

Google News has been my primary go-to news search engine since the old good ones (RIP Northern Light, RIP the really early LookSmart) have died. Unfortunately Google News’ redesign is — it’s awful, okay? I find it difficult to read and uninformative and just annoying. I avoid going to the “official” Google News Web site like the plague.

That does not mean I don’t  use Google News, however. I just use it a little differently. Let me share with you three hints for getting the most of out Google News that don’t involve going to the actual Google News site.

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