Eco-Cycle’s Bailey Sees Recycling as a Tool

Read the full story in Waste360.

Recycling has evolved dramatically from the days when only people pegged as “tree huggers” talked about it, to a time when consumers are demanding services and states are setting aggressive diversion targets. Nonprofit Eco-Cycle has evolved right along with the growing movement, beginning by recycling in Boulder, Colo., and today helping those around the country and globe reach for what is now commonly known as “zero waste.”

Kate Bailey, Eco-Cycle’s director of Eco-Cycle Solutions, is leading much of the organization’s work. Bailey started at Eco-Cycle in 2003 as a part-time researcher and has since become the nonprofit’s zero waste guru of sorts. In her role, she has created national reports, websites, webinars and tools to empower citizens, government staff and elected officials to adopt zero waste practices. And she helps them set up for success.

Bailey, who is a 2018 Waste360 40 Under 40 award recipient, spoke to Waste360 about her passion for sustainability work. She discusses what has changed in the way she thinks of recycling in relation to the larger sustainability picture. And she shares insight on what she thinks counts as zero waste—as well as ideas on how to get there.

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