Climate change is moving fish around faster than laws can handle, study says

Read the full story in the Washington Post.

Fish don’t follow international boundaries or understand economic trade agreements. Different species live in regions all over the globe. If that wasn’t complicated enough, they also migrate as they age.

“It’s like trying to raise cattle when you’ve taken down all the fences,” said Karrigan Börk, a professor at University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law whose background includes a PhD in ecology. “Except you can’t even brand the fish. There’s no way to know which fish is yours.”

And in response to climate change, vital fishery stocks such as salmon and mackerel are migrating without paperwork. According to a new study being published Friday in Science magazine, coastal countries need to collaborate even more on international fishing regulations to prevent misuse of resources. Food, environmental and economic securities are at stake, it warns.

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