The Energy 202: Why climate scientists want to be thought of as the real ‘climate skeptics’

Read the full story from the Washington Post.

Last week, I wrote a story about how the staff of Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt turned to advocates outside the agency to help craft a “red team-blue team” exercise.

The proposed military-style exercise would have pitted two teams of experts against each other to debate the large body of science showing that human activity is warming the planet. To sum up the story in a succinct headline, I wrote: “Emails show EPA turned to climate skeptics to craft ‘red team-blue team’ exercise.”

The story, however, sparked an entirely different debate. As I soon learned, first on Twitter and later when talking to scientists and other climate science communicators, many of the researchers who have come to the conclusion that the burning of fossil fuels are indeed increasing atmospheric and ocean temperatures prefer to think of themselves as the real skeptics.

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