Could this startup shame restaurants into wasting less food?

Read the full story in The Guardian.

Marc Zornes has a confession to make: he found some mince in his fridge the other day that was a few days past its use-by date and had to be thrown out. Some might consider this a relatively minor slip-up – but for Zornes, the co-founder of a startup combating food waste, it represented an affront to his principles. “It was devastating,” he says. “I don’t claim to be perfect at home, but that doesn’t happen very often.”

Zornes’s company, Winnow, provides technology that helps restaurants cut food waste. In the UK, where £13bn worth of food is thrown away every year, the hospitality sector alone is wasting £2.5bn of food. Zornes, a former business consultant, launched Winnow in London in 2013, with co-founder Kevin Duffy. Starting the business was like a calling for him: “There are a lot of things someone could be doing with their life. Me, I want to see this food-waste issue fixed,” Zornes says.

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