Throw This Ball in Your Laundry to Help Stop Microfiber Pollution

Read the full story at Make Change.

When Rachael Miller, CEO of Cora Ball, had an idea for a product that would help protect oceans and rivers, she turned directly to the public for support. “Crowdfunding was our strategy to do our first production run,” says Miller. Not only did their Kickstarter campaign raise more than $350,000 from about 8,600 backers, it was also a vital part of testing and developing the product’s potential environmental impact.

The Cora Ball, a device you toss into your washing machine with your laundry, catches microfibers, which would otherwise drain out and pollute vital waterways. The product, which is now available to purchase online, is “the first of its kind,” says Miller, “[it’s] designed to be easy to use, easy to clean, to last for five-plus years, and to help people be part of the solution to microfiber pollution.” She says the company’s online backers helped “work out the myriad of problems with production, to get to the point where we just launched.”

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