Free Speech Friday: Integrated pest management in dorms

Read the full story in The Daily.

Pests are some of the most prevalent nuisances we encounter on a regular basis. These organisms include anything that is harmful to humans, ranging from mice to cockroaches and many more. Our first method in dealing with these creatures is often to use the most intense chemical available to insure immediate death. However, while this method does kill the pest, it does not identify the root source of the pest, leading to brethren of the initial pest taking its place. And for dormitories, pests often spawn faster than single houses as there are a multitude of options available for food, water and shelter. So coming up with an integrated pest management (IPM) plan utilizing sustainable methods for buildings that house many people, especially dorms, can be a great way in preventing future pests from infiltrating living spaces. Below includes a list of IPM techniques that are free or low cost that students can immediately use to prevent pests.

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