Banfi Vintners Adopts an Evolving Sustainability Strategy: Q&A with Cristina Mariana-May

Read the full interview at Environmental Leader.

Producing wine is no easy prospect given the constant environmental threats. In recent years, however, the pressure has increased for wine-makers to adopt sustainable practices.

For the booze business, going “green” is now a matter of survival, Popular Science reported. “In an industry that’s dependent on healthy ecosystems for good ingredients, turning a blind eye to wasteful practices, unsustainable agriculture, and the effects of climate change on crops isn’t an option,” Eleanor Cummins wrote.

This is true for Banfi Vintners, a leading US wine importer founded in New York in 1919 by John F. Mariani, Sr. The Mariani family continues to run the business, which includes the Castello Banfi vineyard estate in Montalcino, Tuscany.

“As a company whose product comes from the earth, we know that our success goes hand-in-hand with respect for the environment,” says Cristina Mariana-May, president and CEO at Banfi Vintners. “We’re also particularly cognizant of the savings and efficiencies that are realized with a solid sustainability plan in place.”

We caught up with Mariana-May to learn more about what is happening in the wine industry, and how her company is working to minimize its environmental footprint throughout the wine production process.

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