Every object has a story. Set yours free with Thrift Story CU.

Do you have items that you’ve held onto, which you no longer have a use for, yet you can’t let them go because they have sentimental value or a strong memory attached to them? When you see these things in your closet or basement you think, “I should get rid of that,” but the object’s story has such a strong hold that you can’t let it go.  Or maybe you’re just busy and you haven’t found time to donate the item(s). Or maybe you’re not sure anyone else would want said item(s) but you don’t want to just throw them away (good for you! What the world doesn’t need is more landfill fodder.)

Thrift Story CU is here to help you share those stories and let the items go so they can be used and loved by someone else. We’ll accept your stuff — and your stories — and sell them to benefit local non-profit projects, programs, and charities.

Here’s how it works:

  • Donate a small item in good condition (household goods, clothing, art work, small tools, etc. are acceptable; nothing big, bulky or heavy) to Thrift Story CU with the item’s backstory written on an index card (or similarly-sized piece of paper). The story doesn’t have to be complex. Just briefly explain the background of the item and/or the meaning it has for you. Check out some examples at https://www.thriftstory.org/can-i-see-some-examples/. Keep it family friendly and anonymous — no names on the index cards, please.
  • Thrift Story CU will sell your item(s) at a local pop-up thrift store event. We’ll have events at various venues in the community at which we’ll sell donated items for a flat fee of $5 per item.
  • Proceeds from the pop-up sales will be donated to area charities, projects and programs. Like the venue, the organization that benefits will change from sale to sale. Check us out online (https://reallyreuseful.blogspot.com/p/thriftstorycu.html), on Twitter (https://twitter.com/ThriftStoryCU), and on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/Thrift-Story-CU-577207965979036/) for details on upcoming events and organizations that will receive donations.
  • We’ll track the amount of materials sold at each event and money raised for each charity, then share it online.  We value both reuse and promotion of local shopping and organizations, so that’s a story we want to tell! Seeing the role you played in the impact of our events helps make letting go of stuff, and the past, that much easier.
  • You can read the stories of items sold (and share those of items you bought) via social media with the hashtags #thriftstoryCU and #thriftstory.

Thrift Story CU, produced by Joy Scrogum & Madeleine Wolske is a spin-off of Thrift Story, a Boston-area project created by Lydia Emmanouilidou (see https://www.thriftstory.org/ for more info).

Learn more about Thrift Story CU at https://reallyreuseful.blogspot.com/p/thriftstorycu.html.

Have questions or something to donate? Contact us at thriftstorycu@gmail.com.

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