How energy efficiency can boost resilience

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Extreme weather events and natural disasters such as bomb cyclones, forest fires, the polar vortex, and hurricanes are wreaking havoc on buildings, the electric grid, and other critical US infrastructure. Some communities are still struggling to rebuild from last year’s disasters, even as another hurricane season approaches. In the wake of these events, many people are asking: how can we make our systems more resilient?

This question is extremely important, but with no common definition of resilience, answers vary widely. Resilience is often viewed as a system’s ability to withstand and recover from serious events. This broad definition can be applied to an individual facility, an energy system, a city, economic activity, or even a region.

In several upcoming reports and blog posts, ACEEE will examine how energy efficiency intersects with the need for more resilient facilities, cities, electric grids, and other systems. Here’s a sneak preview of these new resources and how they fit together.

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