Embracing Change: Adapting Conservation Approaches to Address a Changing Climate

Download the document.

Climate change may undermine the effectiveness of current efforts to conserve wildlife and ecosystems. In this report we offer examples of how conservationists are strategically altering their approaches to keep pace with climate change. We break down the changes made by 12 featured organizations by WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, and WHY.

Our hope is that this report will help conservationists learn how to move beyond business-as-usual conservation approaches and make their work climate informed. The first step is to consult the latest science on observed and projected climate impacts. Consider how those changes may necessitate shifts in your approaches. For example it may be strategic to preferentially invest in some parts of the landscape over others.

You will find that this is not an overwhelming process and is essential to investing limited conservation resources effectively and achieving conservation success in light of climate change.

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