Day: March 13, 2018

Environmental racism case: EPA rejects Alabama town’s claim over toxic landfill

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The US Environmental Protection Agency has dismissed a civil rights case brought by residents of a small, overwhelmingly African American town in Alabama who have spent much of the past decade battling a toxic landfill they blame for causing a myriad of physical and mental illnesses.

In a 28-page letter, the EPA said there was “insufficient evidence” that authorities in Alabama had breached the Civil Rights Act by allowing an enormous landfill site containing 4m tons of coal ash to operate near residents in Uniontown. A separate claim that the landfill operator retaliated against disgruntled residents was also turned down.

Sharks and hand grenades: Recycling companies sort out the trash

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January marked a new era in recycling: China stopped accepting certain types of paper and plastics from abroad. This means companies like Roaring Fork Valley collector Waste Management have had to find new buyers. And they’ve had to adapt in other ways, too. In the second story in a series, we explore what this means for the industry — and what role consumers play.

Look at consumption when assigning blame for global warming, study says

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Wealthy cities are responsible for a huge share of greenhouse-gas emissions when calculations include goods they consume from developing countries, researchers said on Tuesday, challenging traditional estimates that put blame on manufacturing nations.

Americans want to protect the environment … kinda

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A politically divided America finds little common ground on the environment, according to a national survey by the Pew Research Center.

Appeals court refuses to halt children’s climate change suit against federal government

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A three-judge federal appeals court panel in San Francisco on Wednesday (March 7) turned down a Trump administration request to halt a controversial lawsuit filed by 21 children that claims the federal government has violated their constitutional right to a clean environment by failing to halt climate change. The ruling clears the way for the lawsuit to move forward in a lower court later this year.

These communities sued Big Oil over climate change; then the backlash began

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If you live in a city or county that sues oil companies over climate change, prepare for a blowback. ExxonMobil and other fossil fuel giants are taking legal action against such local governments, seeking to undermine a key part of their finances — their relationship with lenders.

The U.S. just hit a major milestone for energy storage — which is also great news for solar

Read the full story in the Washington Post.

The United States has now added the capacity to store a billion watts of power for one hour and may double that total in 2018 alone, says a heady new forecast that highlights the rapid growth of the battery business.

The finding, by the research firm GTM Research and the industry trade group the Energy Storage Association, predicts sharp growth in an industry that was barely on the radar a few years ago. Much of the subsequent growth has been inside homes but also at the scale of the electric grid, where batteries can help power companies decide when to deploy their growing store of electricity generated from renewable sources such as solar.

A Supercolony of Penguins Has Been Found Near Antarctica

Read the full story in the New York Times.

A new colony of Adélie penguins has been discovered near Antarctica, substantially increasing the known populations of the knee-high creatures.

Rick Perry seeks new path to save coal

Read the full story in the Houston Chronicle.

Energy Secretary Rick Perry is pushing the development of a new generation of coal power plants while seeking to slash spending on technology that many government officials and analysts view as critical to coal’s survival a low-carbon world.

Trump’s Interior Secretary Claimed Wind Power Leads to Global Warming. His Numbers Are Wrong

Read the full story in Time.

In a speech before oil and gas industry executives, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke argued that the production and transportation of wind turbines contributes to global warming, but he overstated the factual case, especially when compared with other forms of energy.

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