Day: February 26, 2018

Great Adventure aims to be world’s biggest all-solar theme park

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An on-site solar farm intended to make Six Flags Great Adventure the world’s biggest-all solar theme park would power a city the size of New Brunswick, according to the park’s partner, KDC Solar, and a key environmentalist who initially opposed the project.

How climate is altering air travel

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Rising tides, icy air, melting permafrost and air that is too hot for take-off are challenging aviation as the world warms.

New Tool Helps Cities Use Trees for Stormwater Management

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Communities wrestling with critical stormwater management issues have a new tool to help local decision makers throughout the U.S. integrate trees into facility design regulations and policies for new and retro-fitted installations. developed by the Ohio Kentucky Indiana Regional Council of Governments (OKI), the USDA Forest Service and other national partners, was created specifically to help overcome the widespread lack of understanding, acceptance and credibility of using trees for green infrastructure to manage stormwater.

Lincoln, NE Public Schools Expects to Surpass Goal of Diverting Half its Waste from Landfill

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Anica Brown, a seventh-grade science teacher at Pound Middle School, heard about a plastic bag recycling program through her church and decided to bring it to her school.

Nearly 750 pounds of plastic bags later, the middle school is well on its way to winning a bench from Trex, a company that makes composite deck material out of recycled plastic and issued the challenge to schools.

The bench, of course, would be cool, but it’s more about what it symbolizes than its sitting potential.


Webinar: Industrial Energy Efficiency: Useful Tools and Case Studies

Thu, Mar 1, 2018 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM CST
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During this webinar, you will hear from an Iowa company that has built an infrared thermography program over the last several years. Our guest speaker will share with you how his company has implemented a successful infrared program and what the challenges and benefits have been along the way. We’ll also have an ultrasound expert explain the importance of ultrasonic leak detection and how repairing leaks in your compressed air system will save you money. This presentation will discuss the use of ultrasound technology for planning and performing an effective ultrasonic compressed air leak survey and what benefits to expect. The final presentation will be a case study of how one local manufacturer has addressed several different energy efficiency initiatives and their results.


Jack Miller, Reliability Analyst Wells Enterprises, Inc.
Jack has worked in food manufacturing for 30 years. Currently he is a Level III certified infrared specialist with over 20 years of field and program management experience and is also Vice Chairman for the Nebraska/Iowa Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals chapter.

Adrian Messer, CMRP, Manager of US Operations UE Systems, Inc.
For more than a decade, Adrian has helped plants and facilities across the US implement successful ultrasound programs to help improve overall plant and equipment reliability within their facilities. Adrian is a graduate of Clemson University and is a Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional through the Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals.

Trever Tolliver, Water Quality Engineer HOH Water Technology
Trever partners with industrial facilities to help increase water efficiency and extend equipment life and performance through water treatment. Previously, Trever was a P2 Intern for the Iowa DNR, where he completed a compressed air efficiency project with JBS Pork located in Marshalltown. He graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in mechanical engineering.

Building a backup bee

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The world’s largest almond grower is creating a novel replacement for the embattled honeybee.

CYRENE™: A New Bio-based Dipolar Aprotic Solvent

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Increasing the availability of safer, sustainable solvents is expected to significantly impact industrial Green Chemistry programs. Cyrene™ [(-)-Dihydrolevoglucosenone] is a safer, bio-based alternative to petroleum-derived DMF (Dimethylformamide) and NMP (N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone)1. Despite only recently becoming available in the quantities required for solvent usage, Cyrene™ has been successfully employed as a greener substitute in a number of industrially relevant applications, including graphene synthesis2 and carbon cross-coupling reactions3,4.

A Case for Wild Flamingos Calling Florida Their Home

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In South Florida, some joke that only two kinds of animals exist — introduced or invasive species you lose, or endangered ones you protect. And resolving whether flamingos were ever native to Florida is important for wildlife management because the state says they’re not.

Iowa Waste Reduction Center increasing efficiency nationwide

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The Iowa Waste Reduction Center is headquartered at the University of Northern Iowa, but its reach extends far beyond Cedar Falls. The UNI organization has set several benchmarks on reducing waste, including a standardized painting technique utilized by the U.S. military and an Iowa Green Brewery certification.

Kering, LCF Launch First-Ever Open-Access Course for Sustainable Luxury Fashion

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In response to growing demand for sustainable apparel productsKering and London College of FashionUAL (LCF) are launching the world’s first open-access digital course in luxury fashion and sustainability. Entitled “Fashion & Sustainability: Understanding Luxury Fashion in a Changing World,” the course aims to strengthen sustainability education in the luxury and fashion realms in order to promote the wider adoption of more sustainable practices.

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